Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Volunteering Opportunities with ECC

The 'Every Child Counts' campaign started school admissions from 15th of June 2012. Children surveyed till June are being enrolled in nearest PMC schools. Since the target group belongs to migrant labour families, it is difficult to declare the survey activity as 'complete'. With new constructions coming up in the city every day, more number of migrant labour and their children can be found everywhere. Hence, the survey--admission--follow-up activities will go on in different areas of Pune. Looking at the scope of work, ECC needs many more volunteers to contribute in their own area. Volunteers can participate in following ways:

1. Follow-up of children enrolled through ECC campaign: Sites and schools will be assigned to volunteers, based on their location. They can visit the school on Saturday or visit the sites in morning/evening time (or on Sunday) to track attendance of the children. Any difficulty/problem can be reported back to campaign team for further action.

2. Conduct extra-curricular activities at schools on Saturday: Depending on skills and availability of volunteers, activities like story-telling, art and craft, painting, etc. can be planned at PMC schools or Door Step School construction site classes.

3. Help in making teaching aids: Some of the volunteers can visit DSS training center to learn making teaching aids. Volunteer groups can then plan this activity on Sundays for all other volunteers at their own locations.

4. Write about own experience: Volunteers involved in survey and admission activities can write about their experiences. We will share them with other volunteers, will publish on blog, and will try to send to newspapers. Volunteers can also help by spreading the word about ECC campaign and immediate needs like transport and follow-up.

Please write to us if you want to join the campaign and help children get their right of education!

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