Saturday, June 30, 2012

Civic schools to remain open on Sunday

The school board of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has decided to keep the civic schools open on July 1, a Sunday to facilitate admissions of poor students in municipal schools.

PMC runs 294 schools in the city with Marathi, Urdu and English as mediums of instruction. Over 80,000 students are studying in these schools. A large number of students represent the lower income group.

"The parents of many students work on daily wage basis. They works as construction labours or workers in the fringe areas of the city. If they don't work even for a day or two, they find it tough to make both the ends meet. So these people don't tend to spend their time of weekdays for works like taking admissions for their wards in schools. This affects overall admissions of needy children," said officials of the municipal school board.

"The main aim is to provide schooling to students representing lower strata of society. But practical problems like parents not getting leave, are creating obstacles in the admission process. So we decided to find a solution and the idea to keep the schools open on Sunday to facilitate admissions was mooted," said Ramchadra Jadhav, education officer, municipal school board.
He said that board has directed PMC run schools to keep the admission process open on July 1. The principal of the schools will be present in the school along with other required staff to carry out the admission process. The age certificates and other required documents can be submitted to schools during this period. We have also asked various non governmental organizations , educationists and activists to remain present at the schools on Sunday to help the admission process of these students.

(News in The Times Of India - Jun 28, 2012)

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